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Plans for Moving Me Forward……

Eckhart Tolle's Music for Inner Stillness

and My Biological Clock Backwards..

I have written the following too much over the last three months. “I haven’t done much to turn back my biological clock lately!” I am almost embarrassed to write it and writing it should be enough to get my ass in gear! About the only thing that I have kept up with is yoga and meditation in the mornings. oh, and I do go for short walks with Oliver two days a week and the three days a week at Target provides well over 10,000 steps per day! Anyway, the bottom line is, that once again, I have to work on my diet and start to run this week.

OK so I just looked over my calendar for the coming week and here is the plan. I am either going to walk or run on Monday,  Tuesday  and Saturday afternoons. Those days are marked on the calendar and maybe I can do it if I know I have written it down, Well, I actually typed it down, As far as, my diet well, I’ll have to think about that and go to the store tomorrow night. Hmm, it has to be early in the evening because the night will be taken up with Villanova vs North Carolina!

This morning I did do my morning yoga using the Yoga Journal New Beginning Routine. I like that routine and I seem to get more done on days that I do that routine. I ended the yoga session with a 15 minute meditation. I was originally going to use the music of Michael Brant DeMaria as the soundtrack for the meditation but Eckhart Tolle‘s Music for Inner Stillness caught my eye on Spotify,  so I used that compilation CD. The tracks that played during my very nice meditation are on a playlist at the end of this post…… favorite tracks were the ones from: Riley Lee, Nawang Khechog and Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman and Tim Weater. I have previously listened to and enjoyed the music of both Riley Lee and Nawang Khechog. Here is a post written around the time that Nawang Khechog and Peter Kater released an album titled The Dance of the InnocentsCheck them all out!!